In a world complicated by reimbursement delays and pricing pressures, developing a clear view on commercial uptake for a pipeline asset can be a difficult challenge. CBPartners’ provides a multi-disciplinary approach to evaluating asset valuation by incorporating its world renowned pricing and access insights, value positioning views, cost-effectiveness and trial design insights and subsequent access implications, analogue-based uptake knowledge and forecasting methodological excellence.


Assessments can be as thorough or expedient as desired due to comprehensive launch and access experience.


The engagement team will stay with the brand or deal team until the last detail is examined on the way to making a go / no-go decision.

Case Studies

We believe the best way to understand how we can help you is by showing you how we have helped our clients in the past. 

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PROJECT TITLE: PRODUCT X Forecast in China PROJECT OBJECTIVE: To develop an access-based forecast for a novel IV antibiotic in CHN APPROACH:
  • Conduct a working session with client core team to fully understand brand issues in CHN
  • Run working session with Chinese licensing partner to understand commercial forecasting assumptions
  • Conduct primary research with Chinese infectious disease physicians to identify utilisation and uptake rates
  • Develop forecasting model to identify commercial potential and inform asset evaluation for licensing deal
  • 10-year forecast of antibiotic market and PRODUCT X in China
  • Forecast defence document
  • Recommendations on commercial effectiveness and launch strategy in order to match commercial expectations


PROJECT TITLE: Specialty Therapeutic Area Financing Assessment in BRCMTKT PROJECT OBJECTIVE: To project the 10 year financing landscape for specialty therapeutic areas in BRA, RUS, CHN, TUR, MEX, KOR and TWN APPROACH:
  • Conduct secondary research in each market to update financing tendencies for key therapeutic areas
  • Conduct primary research with payers and health ministries to understand value drivers and willingness to pay motivators
  • Guidance for R&D pipeline / licensing efforts for emerging markets portfolio
  • Market-level analysis for financing trends
  • Emerging market cluster financing assessment including priority therapeutic areas


PROJECT TITLE: Pricing and Opportunity Assessment for Branded Generics in TUR PROJECT OBJECTIVE: To understand the current and potential future branded generics pricing and reimbursement environment in TUR APPROACH:
  • Identify the pricing and reimbursement process / pathway for branded generics (relative to innovators / generics)
  • Map out mandatory rebates required for reimbursement of branded generics
  • Evaluate the future branded generics pricing and reimbursement environment relative to innovators / generics
  • Assess the value of local presence for sourcing branded generics (local manufacturer versus multinational)
  • Landscape assessment of the current branded generics market in TUR
  • Partnership assessment detailing JV / acquisition opportunities for market entry


PROJECT TITLE: Emerging Markets Revenue Forecast and Strategic Biosimilar Portfolio Optimisation PROJECT OBJECTIVE: To understand the medium-term revenue opportunity for COMPANY X’s biosimilar portfolio outside the USA and EU5 APPROACH:
  • Understand the current and future drivers and barriers to biosimilar access in the target markets (BRA, RUS, KOR, SAU, UAE, JPN, MYS, SGP, THA, and PHL)
  • Forecast likely patient population on each therapy in each market from a bottom-up epidemiologic standpoint; adjust population forecast for development / regulatory hurdles, access barriers, and likely competition over time, to arrive at each molecule’s projected market share from 2012 to 2021
  • Evaluate which price point can be supported by each molecule in each market to arrive at a revenue projection for COMPANY X’s portfolio
  • Based on projected revenue opportunity and development / regulatory timelines, develop recommendations around which markets are most attractive for the launch of COMPANY X’s portfolio
  • Dashboard with revenue projections of COMPANY X’s biosimilar portfolio from 2012 – 2021
  • Defence document describing bottom-up assumptions used to forecast revenues of each molecule in the target markets
  • Strategic options document describing recommended markets and timing in which to launch the COMPANY’s portfolio