The world’s landscape is quickly evolving due to both innovation and government policy. Ensuring that these policies match political and commercial goals is possible through the expertise of CBPartners’ team.


Our GPA consultants have decades of experience consulting directly to Ministries of Health around the world and advising global government affairs units on how to optimise their approach to commercial goals.


While firewalls are in place to guarantee confidentiality, consultants are trained to adopt the perspective of alternate stakeholders to develop practical guidance, regardless of the client or issue.

Case Studies

We believe the best way to understand how we can help you is by showing you how we have helped our clients in the past. 

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PROJECT TITLE: Biosimilar Policy Assessment and Application to Israeli Environment PROJECT OBJECTIVE: To review global regulatory and financing policies for biosimilars, and how they may be applied to the Israeli environment APPROACH:
  • Conduct secondary research to update internal knowledge of biosimilars policy environment
  • Conduct a workshop with members of the innovative and generic biopharmaceuticals industry, physicians, and government officials
  • Global situation analysis of biosimilar regulatory and financing policies at the regional, market, subnational, and local procurement levels
  • Workshop document to lead discussion around how the Israeli environment may evolve with regard to the biosimilars approval pathway, access / financing, and pricing opportunity


PROJECT TITLE: Global Pharmaceutical Policy Reform Advocacy in China PROJECT OBJECTIVE: To develop support from markets outside of China where pharmaceutical policy reforms similar to those in China have effected various levels of success and failure APPROACH:
  • Conduct a global secondary research effort to identify analogue markets and reforms
  • Collect data on pharmaceutical expenditure to assess reform efficiency
  • Conduct interviews with payers and government officials involved with reforms within the analogue markets
  • Advocacy document for government affairs executives to use with Chinese government officials
  • Six case studies per reform initiative in China
  • Implications of analogue learnings on Chinese environment


PROJECT TITLE: Global Pricing Policy Best Practices in Turkey PROJECT OBJECTIVE: To train Ministry of Health officials on pharmaceutical pricing policies and note best practices from major markets around the world, including Latin America, ASIA-PAC, and Central / Eastern Europe APPROACH:
  • Developed global pricing policy document based on prior experiences developing pricing and access strategies
  • Ran a two-day workshop with Ministry of Health officials
  • Global pricing policy overview document including deep-dives in 14 markets from Latin America, ASIA-PAC, and Central / Eastern Europe
  • Best practices for pricing policies based on policy effects and their respective environments