THOUGHT PIECE: ISPOR Asia 2016: Taming Enthusiasm

Welcome to Singapore (SGP), home of 2016’s ISPOR Asia, as well as the region’s best example of a deliberate and meticulous economy. This environment was a fitting backdrop for much of the news shared during this year’s proceedings. For instance, Japan (JPN) announced details around its pilot HTA programme, while China’s (CHN) provinces launched new negotiation mechanisms to grant access to innovative medicines on behalf of their local populations. Meanwhile, Korea (KOR) shared the results of their economic evaluation exemptions and improving risk-sharing appetite. All in all, the past two years between ISPOR Asia meetings generated enough evidence to verify the region is as unpredictable as ever. However, a greater awareness of practical limitations has led to more realistic plans and endeavours to improve access in a sustainable way. Indeed, the Asia-Pac region appears to be coming of age as the world tames its enthusiasm about the practicality of policy development and implementation in the region.