Sandeep Duttagupta, PhD

Senior Vice President

Dr. Duttagupta has spent his entire career focused on pricing, access, and value demonstration issues within the emerging markets. With the firm, Dr. Duttagupta focuses on providing strategic guidance to clients dealing with all emerging markets commercialisation issues, with a focus on pricing and market access.

Prior to joining CBPartners, Dr. Duttagupta spent two decades with Pfizer, where he most recently ran the pricing and market access functions within the emerging markets. In this role, he led the development of the company's strategic emerging markets pricing framework, devised multiple innovative access initiatives involving local banks and NGOs, developed multiple second-brand strategies to minimise IRP risk and maintain market share, and implemented partnerships with Ministries of Health around the world.

Dr. Duttagupta leads and advises on all emerging markets engagements, including those within the Pricing & Market Access, Value Demonstration, Global Policy Advisory, Commercial Planning, and Portfolio Optimisation practices.