Mónica Martín de Bustamante

CEO & Managing Director

Ms. Martin de Bustamante's career has focused on pharmaceutical global pricing and market access issues for biopharmaceutical and pharmaceutical products. Her time has been apportioned between the emerging and mature markets, with a strong focus on Latin America (Mexico, Argentina, Colombia, Brazil), Asia (China, India, Philippines, Thailand) and Southern Europe (Spain, Italy). Through thousands of in-depth interviews conducted in the countries' native languages Ms. Martin de Bustamante has fortified her understanding of how these markets are rapidly evolving cost-containment policy.

Much of Ms. Martin de Bustamante's work to date has centred around understanding the barriers to access and reimbursement challenges posed by developing economies in the emerging markets and the continuous reforms throughout Europe. She has extensive international experience in price integrity, global market access strategies, therapeutic area financing trends, payer-based biosimilar strategy, and patient assistance programs.

Ms. Martin de Bustamante holds a Bachelors in Biomedical Engineering and a Bachelors in Romance Languages & Engineering Sciences from Dartmouth College. She is fluent in Spanish and Italian.