PART II: Holistically Supporting Our Consultants – Health and Wellness at CBPartners

We asked some of our Analyst consultants about their perspectives on the Health and Wellness initiative as holistic support in the workplace – here’s what they had to say:

Dominic Akandwanaho, Analyst – NYC

 I have made many memories while working here for the past 10 months. I think about the earliest days when I, and a cohort of other Analysts were welcomed into the firm. I remember the training and mentorship, both from our peers and superiors that was provided to us and the sense of camaraderie from being surrounded by young, energetic colleagues who like me, are mostly recent graduates.

CBPartners puts a strong emphasis on work-life balance, while also providing multiple opportunities for employees at all levels to stretch their thinking. Some of the best memories come from the many fun team-building health & wellness activities that I have had had the opportunity to experience while at the firm. From Karaoke nights, spin classes, hitting golf balls at a driving range, cycling at SoulCycle, gelato-making classes to watching Broadway shows, there is always something fun lined up for CBPartners’ employees. Always. I also cannot forget the annual holiday party, which is arguably the most anticipated and most memorable (or least memorable) event of the year.


Kay Rusher, Analyst – San Francisco

 Working at CBPartners has the ideal mix of hardworking people with high expectations and a collaborative, open office culture. I’m a member of our San Francisco regional office, which currently has 10 employees. I was initially concerned about working in such a small office, but now that I’ve had some time to get to know everyone, I love being a part of the San Francisco team.

During my first week at the office, we had an office Potluck Thanksgiving, and in March, we went to the neighboring office building to cuddle with shelter dogs. We also have delicious monthly office lunches – usually from Oasis Grill, which has the best Chicken Shawarma in the financial district.

These fun company events are a great way to relax and get to know your co-workers better. Because teamwork is such an important part of consulting and particularly work at CBPartners, our H&W initiatives enrich the office culture and ultimately make the team happier and healthier!