My Experience as a Summer Analyst with CBPartners

When it came to applying to internships my junior year, I wanted to find a position in a hands-on business environment where I could apply and continue to build on my academic background – economics and health. This led me to healthcare consulting.

There were clearly a lot of options, but what drew me to CBPartners in particular was its small size, international scope of work and youthful atmosphere. I also thought the name of the position itself, ‘Summer Analyst’ vs. ‘Summer Intern’, implied a level of responsibility that other positions might not offer.

The project-based nature of the work gave me exposure to multiple therapeutic areas and diverse types of strategic issues faced by clients, while helping me to refine my analytical and time management skills, despite the short time frame. Each project required thinking critically about the client’s unique position and goals, and understanding them in the broader context of the current and future landscapes. Additionally, working in project teams not only allowed me to learn from the assorted experience profiles of my colleagues, but also taught me the huge importance of communication; no team functions without it.

Reflecting on my experience, one thing that surprised me during my time as a Summer Analyst, and something that I definitely enjoyed, was the opportunity for creativity in the day-to-day work I was doing. To someone unfamiliar with our work, clients’ questions can be seen as similar.  However, the in-depth analysis required of my team always reveals the peculiarities of the situation, and the need for unique solutions that fit the client situation, as well as ingenuity in how we provide them.
At the end of the summer, I was grateful to receive a full-time offer from the firm, especially as   I know not everyone received one.  When it came to deciding about whether to accept the offer, the aspect that attracted me most to CBP was the culture. The small size, international scope and youthful atmosphere created a working environment that challenged me, while also providing the support, leadership, and coaching, which are so instrumental, especially at this stage of my career.