WHITE PAPER: The CEESP Economic Evaluation: Can Clinical Efficacy and Cost-effectiveness Co-exist in France?

The emergence of economic appraisals conducted by the Commission Évaluation Économique et de Santé Publique (CEESP) represents an important development in attaining market access to France. As of October 2013, manufacturers of certain innovative products are required to submit to an economic evaluation from the (CEESP) in addition to the Commission de la Transparence’s clinical appraisal.  Unlike NICE in the UK, the CEESP does yet not appear to implement a formal ICER threshold below which a treatment is deemed cost-effective; there is no simple ‘recommended’ or ‘not recommended’ outcome from the appraisal, but rather a critical assessment of the methodological quality of the submission. The first CEESP reports became publicly available just over a year ago, making it now possible to gain deeper real world insight into the role that the CEESP will play in pricing and access in France. Here, we explore the implications of CEESP appraisals on access and pricing in France, using publically available CEESP decisions as case studies, and discuss how best to synergise an optimal submission for France within a globalised HTA strategy.

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