Tumor-Agnostic Therapies: The Complex Path to Commercial Viability

How to create commercial opportunity for tumor-agnostic treatments

Executive Summary Tumor-agnostic treatments first came to market in 2017 with the revolutionary indication extension of KEYTRUDA® into microsatellite instability-high cancer Since then we have seen two more products launch: VITRAKVI® and ROZLYTREK®. While the products gained access in the USA market, the first tumor-agnostic product to be approved in Europe,…

American Society for Hematology (ASH) 2019 Annual Meeting: Our Recommended CAR T Cell Therapy Innovation Talks

CBPartners recommends the best 8 CAR T Cell Therapy Innovation Talks to attend at ASH 2019

The American Society of Hematology’s (ASH) annual meeting is a well-established indicator of the innovations that are coming down the pipeline for hematologic diseases. As this year’s meeting approaches (Dec 7-10), CBPartners’ experts from our Cell and Gene Therapy Center of Excellence have selected 8 promising presentations on the future…

Developing an early stage biopharmaceutical asset in Europe: Navigating treacherous waters

A blog post about how manufacturers can create an “Early Asset Success Plan” for new products

When biopharmaceutical products launch in the European Union, even experienced manufacturers can struggle to overcome the demanding standards of European payers. The complex market authorisation requirements and subsequent access decisions across 28 countries can lead to challenging timelines and confusing rollouts. Unfortunately for manufacturers, the future of European commercial planning…

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